What We Are Expart At

Legal Practice Areas

Corporate Law

We advise businesses of all sizes both in Kosovo and abroad on corporate matters. We match our expertise to the specific needs of your business, whether it is a small or mid-sized business or a multi-national enterprise. The areas we advise on especially include incorporation of companies, restructuring, preparation of shareholder meetings, board meetings and resolutions, corporate compliance as well as and any kind of corporate housekeeping (including any company register matters).

Sports Law

Our Law Firm has a long and rich experience in sports law. We are recognized as one of the leading law firms in Kosovo in this field. Our clients consist of sports federations, broadcasters, event organizers, clubs, players, athletes and sports agents. In addition to our local expertise, our clients benefit from our unique ability to act internationally with our partners in this field in over 20 countries.

Contract Law

Together with our clients, we develop and draft all the contractual relationships for business operations. From standardized supply and purchase agreements to international distribution and franchise agreements, we have experience to create legal certainty and protection for your day-to-day business.


We comprehensively advise our clients in data protection matters, including the representation before the Data Protection Authority and the courts. We support our clients regarding the implementation of data protection projects, the establishment of legal opinions on questions regarding data protection law, the preparation and implementation of compliance rules regarding data protection within a company and the use of employee data within the company and within a group of companies including the preparation and negotiation of plant agreements.


We advise national and international clients on all all aspects of employment law, right from the negotiation and drafting of contracts of employment and executive service contracts, preparation of internal guidelines and staff manuals to the regulation of employees’ working conditions, resolution of disputes between employees and employers during the life of the employment relationship and, in case of not-quite-so-happy endings, preparation of written warnings and letters of dismissal and summary dismissal. Further we advise and represent our clients in labor law disputes.


Our experts for adversarial proceedings and conflict resolution are responsible for court and arbitration proceedings, for mediation and negotiations – both in national and at an international level. We always strive to achieve a successful resolution of the conflict on the part of the plaintiff and on the part of the defendant.

Whether or not a dispute is settled in court or out of court, we devote all our attention to the challenge in question with the utmost care, precision and a systematic breakdown of the facts. We recommend out-of-court settlements whenever this is in the interest of our client. In all cases our overriding priority is to protect the interests of our clients and to provide an accurate, continuous assessment of the costs, chance of winning and risks of a lawsuit.

Intellectual Property

Our Law Firm advise and represent companies from the life sciences, pharmaceutical, medical products, media, telecommunications, clothing, computer and consumer goods industries. We advise and represent clients during trademark registrations and similarity examinations, handle their trademark portfolios and potential breaches of their trademark, design, patent and protection certificate rights, and prosecute product piracy for our clients at customs authorities and courts across Europe. Our expertise extends to parallel and grey imports, sales rights and associated legal fields such as pharmaceutical products, media, telecommunications and broadcast law.